Designs By King

Introducing The 
King Kong Rifle

King Kong rifles come in 36”, 37”, 38”, and 39” lengths with choice of bolt and strap colors.
This amazingly strong rifle is internally engineered to make it the lightest, strongest, and fastest wooden rifle available.
The perfect balance point allows there to be no drag and practically rotates itself.
It is manufactured with the same pride and integrity of our famous king saber.
King Kong rifles come already strapping taped with white electrical tape over the strapping tape on the ends of the rifle and through the center section of the rifle (please see diagram ) There are no options for the rifle to be sold without our professional taping system. Rifles are available with white or black strap and your selection of bolt color. Rifles are sold with with straps.
Once again, the King Kong rifle is the lightest, strongest, fastest wooden rifle available in the world and comes pre- taped by KING to save you the time and headache of taping it correctly and is only avilable with a strap.


King Kong Rifles: 36 Inch
37 Inch
38 Inch
39 Inch
Straps : Leather
Leather White
  Leather Black
Sold Separately Electrical White
  Strapping Tape 3/4" Fiber glass monofilament strapping tape for use in lengthening the life expectancy of your rifle.

For personal equipment bags and/or flag bags please click here. 


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